Taking dancers 

from where they are,

to where they are capable of being.

Training Club

at The Dance Artist Prep

Training Club goes from September 2023 to May 2024

Discover the main elements of TDA Prep's Training Club and how to upgrade your daily schedule.

Virtual Curriculum Weekly Schedule & Faculty (replays of classes are available next day)

TDA Prep's Virtual Curriculum features live online classes with the best coaches in the world, teaching a curriculum that is built around strong habits that upgrade your daily training. Expert Training Sessions include ballet, Horton, and Graham technique taught by our expert faculty.


Technique Class

6pm - 7:30pm CST


Expert Training Session

6:30pm - 7:30pm CST


Expert Training Session

6:30pm - 7:30pm CST


Expert Training Session

6:30pm - 7:30pm CST

Preston Miller

Jacqueline Miller

Charlotte Landreau


Sean Carmon


In-Person Training (Add-On)

Our training environment moves at a professional pace, taking dancers on a deep-dive on how to use both athleticism and artistry to accomplish their goals. We train with ballet, Horton, Graham, contemporary, and Jazz making the weekend sessions perfect for dedicated dancers interested in an all-around upgrade.

For a full list of In-Person Training Weekends see dates listed below.



September 1st - 4th (Labor Day)

September 15th - 17th

October 6th - 9th (Columbus Day)

November 3rd - 5th

November 17th - 19th

December 1st - 3rd

December 15th - 17th


January 3rd - 6th (Winter Workshop) 

February 16th - 19th (Presidents' Day)

March 8th - 10th

March 22nd - 24th

April 26th - 28th (College Signing Day)

May 17th - 19th

Sample Schedule



7:30pm - 9pm cst


Athletic Training Session 

(ballet, Horton, Graham)

11am - 2pm cst

Contemporary & Choreography

2:30pm - 4pm cst


Technique Warmup

10am - 11am cst

Artistry & Performance 1

11am - 12:30pm cst

Artistry & Performance 2

1pm - 3pm cst

Monday (holidays only)


10am - 12:45pm cst

Artistry & Performance 3

1:15pm - 3pm cst

Dance Parent Club

The Dance Parent Club at TDA Prep gives parents access to both live and pre-recorded content providing customized coaching through bi-weekly Dance Parent Masterclasses, College Resources, and more. At Training Club, we believe that supporting student dancers is only half of the job, making the Dance Parent Club the secret weapon for our dance families.

Pricing for Training Club


Support for your journey!




  • Virtual Curriculum
  • Dance Parent Club
  • Add-Ons Available

Apprentices are committed to a rigorous studio/dance life and want to supplement their training with a secret weapon. The Apprentice Program is designed to keep things headed towards your dancer's specific goals with flexibility.


Customize your journey!




  • Virtual Curriculum
  • Dance Parent Club
  • Monthly Private Lesson (1 hr)
  • 2 Monthly Trainee Classes (virtual)
  • One-on-One Director Check-Ins (4x throughout the year)
  • Add-Ons Available

Trainees look to TDA Prep to serve as a key foundation to their training. If you're not yet a senior in high school, this is the program that allows us to work together the most. Trainees receive a deeper customization towards goals through Private Lessons and Director Check-Ins.


Start your career!




  • Virtual Curriculum
  • Dance Parent Club
  • One-on-One Director Check-Ins (4x throughout the year)
  • Add-Ons Available

Graduates must have graduated high school. Graduates at TDA Prep are pursuing professional experience and receive coaching, training, and guidance towards beginning and continuing their careers in dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Add-Ons are available?

As a valued member of Training Club, you gain access to a range of exclusive add-ons that can be incorporated into your training experience at an additional cost. These add-ons are designed to enhance your skills and provide personalized learning opportunities throughout the school year. The following add-ons are available for you to choose from:

  • In-Person Training
  • Private Lessons 
  • Solo/Choreography

Please view the FAQs below regarding private lessons, in-person training, and choreography to learn more.

Can I do Private Lessons?

Yes. Private lessons with our Directors are available both In-Person and Virtually exclusively for members of Training Club. Trainees receive one private lesson per month, while all others have the ability to schedule single or multiple sessions as a Training Club add-on through our online booking platform. Our private lessons are intense one or two hour sessions and will be a clear game-changer towards athletic and artistic goals.

Single Private Lesson (1 hr): $200

*Two Private Lessons (2 hrs): $350

*Can be scheduled as two 1-hour privates or one 2-hour private.

What is the Virtual Curriculum?

The training program that adds a high level, real-world preparation for dance artists no matter where you're located. These LIVE virtual classes are designed specifically to transform your body into an instrument as you go through your daily schedule, preparing you for performances, college auditions, and a career in the arts.

Classes are optional but the more you attend, the more we can customize for you! Classes are held LIVE and RECORDED for your convenience.

Prep Training Sessions are weekly virtual training sessions with our Directors. These intense 1.5 hr workouts allow us to deliver you customized feedback. (3x per month)

Expert Training Sessions are weekly virtual training and coaching sessions with experts of Graham and Horton modern techniques. Consider these classes your expert tutors for the parts of dance that can make a big difference to your longterm journey. (3x per month)

Master Classes in Training Club are virtual and hosted by Principal Dancers with a genius to share. We like to look at these as immersive TED Talks for student-dance artists. (2x in Spring)

How can I train In-Person?

In-Person Training Sessions are 3-4 day weekends held twice a month at The Shed, the TDA Prep training facility located 30 min outside of Chicago, IL. In-Person Training Sessions are an exclusive add-on available to Training Club members only. The weekends are designed for easy travel in and out, welcoming dancers from around the country into a community of dedicated student dance-artists. Our Directors design and teach these sessions to transform how dancers view themselves as artists with ballet, Graham, and Horton techniques. These intense days focus on athleticism, artistry, and forming strong habits ensuring high-level customization by welcoming only 10 dancers per weekend

One In-Person Training Session Pass: $500

Sample In-Person Training Session Schedule


7:30pm - 9pm

Welcome Class

Scheduled to allow dancers time to travel and settle with a class before the grind begins.


11am - 4pm

Athleticism DAY

Saturday has an intense 3 hour training session followed by a choreography and performance session designed to push stamina and reveal habits.


10am - 3pm

artistry DAY

Sunday is all about artistry as dancers train for 2 hours before performance Study for the rest of the day.

What's a Director Check-In?

These private conferences between families and TDA Prep Directors bring a confidence and clear direction to a dancer's journey. We'll help you establish goals and a clear path forward based on what you have access to at home. After our initial deep dive, we'll check-in throughout the semester to help keep things on track. Director Check-In meetings typically last up to 1 hour. 

What is THE Dance Parent Club?

Dance Parents get the ultimate support in the Dance Parent Club. Members of the DPC get to attend exclusive Dance Parent Workshops held monthly throughout the year. Previous workshop topics included summer intensives, training strategies, agents, and how commercial projects are made. 

Where is TDA Prep's studio located?

Our training facility The Shed, is located in the West Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Driving distance from both O'Hare and Midway Airports, The Shed is comfortably situated in a large hotel and corporate housing market making weekend trips for In-Person Training easy and convenient.

The Shed

458 Randy Rd.

Carol Stream, IL 60188

Is choreography available for my dancer?

Yes. Whether for college auditions, conventions, or performances, solo choreography is available for any members of Training Club as an additional add-on. Our Solo Choreography package includes 4 hours of private lesson time (in-person or virtual) to learn and clean the solo.

If you are interested in having a solo choreographed, please contact our School Administrator, Heath at heath@tdaprep.com for pricing information.