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TDA Prep's Age appropriate guidelines to dance training and schedules.

Our Programs

Dancer & Parent Support

Through In-Person Training, Virtual Coaching, Dance Parent Workshops, and College Coaching, we bring our expertise and experience to your scenario both IN AND OUT of the studio.

Strong Foundations

Students graduate from our programs with the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career as an elite dancer. Our foundation provides students with the skills to become technically strong adults and dancers who can succeed in any environment.

Results Focused

99% of our students get accepted into a top college of their choice WITH scholarship money. We begin working with students as early as the 6th Grade or 12 Years Old. Our programs are built to inform and empower dance parents while preparing dancers for the rigor and discipline of the dance world.

“It doesn’t matter which technique you choose,
it’s about how hard you choose to work at it.”

~ Preston Miller, Director TDA Prep

How To Work With Us

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Schedule an Evaluation

First, schedule a Virtual or In-Person Evaluation to gain insight into how far away your dancer is from their goals.

Based on the Evaluation, we will put your dancer on a personalized plan that brings them closer to their goals each day.



“I watched my daughter transform in happiness, focus, discipline, and her confidence. She started reaching all of her dance goals, and her personality matured right before my eyes. I wish we had found this sooner.”

Liza Brooks

 / Parent of College Student


“Preston literally got me to where I am today. Having TDA Prep to guide me through navigating training, Royal Ballet School, and joining a company is the biggest game-changer.”

Brigid Walker

/ National Ballet of Canada


“There aren’t a lot of people that understand technique and how it fits into the big picture of dance. This guy gets it.”

Sofiane Sylve

/ Principal Ballerina
  (Dutch National, NYCB, SFB)