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Did you know Most College Dance Programs Are More Competitive than Harvard?

Because not only do you need the dance ability and pedigree, you also need:

  1. A polished audition package that showcases your ability
  2. Strong (or at least decent) academics

2023 College Signing Day at The Dance Artist Prep

100% of TDA Prep's College Candidate Class of 2023 were accepted into one of their top schools!

Complete Support for Your Dancer's Senior Year.

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Learn about the College Candidate Program at TDA Prep 

Every element of the college application and audition process, HANDLED. 

Merging parental realities, dancer dreams, and industry experts, the College Candidate Program guides you through the four seasons of Applying to College for Dance, making sure your dancer has the support they need every step of the way!

TDA Prep's College Candidate Class of 2023 received  an average scholarship of $40k per student!


We were blown away at the support of the entire team at TDA Prep leading up to Acceptance Season. Once it was time to negotiate our scholarships, their advice and patience saved us over 5-figures per year!

Michelle & Pauline Osanya - Fordham University Class of 2027

Customized Support through the

4 Seasons of Applying to College for Dance

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The team at TDA Prep has always supported my daughter in a holistic way, putting her first and foremost. They not only give her the confidence to pursue her dreams, but they give her the support and guidance to make them realistic. Thank you for being there when we needed you!

Eleni Keller - Parent of Indiana University student Class of 2027

How It Works

College Prep Classes

College Prep Masterclasses give us the opportunity to work with you through every step of the process, no matter where you're located in the country. From resume building and essay writing to prepping for auditions and negotiating scholarships, these live masterclasses allow us to coach you through the process and stay on track with application deadlines!

College Prep Masterclasses are held virtually on Friday evenings.

Classes are recorded in case dancers are unable to attend.

Signing Day at TDA Prep

Signing Day at TDA Prep is when College Candidates announce what school they will be attending for the next chapter of their artistic and academic careers. Hosted at The Shed, we completely TRANSFORM our training facility to host our College Candidates and their families for dinner and celebration, as the College Candidates one by one reflect on their dance journey and announce the school they will be attending next fall. 

Signing Day for the class of 2024 will be held on Friday, April 26th, 2024.

Virtual Curriculum

Build the curriculum into your schedule, or jump into class when you have an off-day. Either way, our short class times and class recordings make the Virtual Curriculum a low-stakes, high reward secret weapon for dance artists everywhere.

Classes are held LIVE and RECORDED for your convenience.

Prep Training Sessions are weekly virtual training sessions with our Directors. These intense 1.5 hr workouts allow us to deliver you customized feedback as you work towards your goals. (3x per month)

Expert Training Sessions are daily virtual training and coaching sessions with expert teachers of Graham and Horton Modern techniques. Consider these classes your expert tutors for the parts of dance that can make a big difference to your college audition. (3x per week)

Master Classes in Training Club are virtual and hosted by Principal Dancers with a genius to share. We like to look at these as immersive TED Talks for student-dance artists. (Second Semester)

In-Person Training

In-Person Training helps dancers grow faster, upping the stakes and environment as they work towards their goals. This is our opportunity to get a close up view of how dancers learn, work towards goals, and interact with teachers. From there, we can customize their goals and work plans with a heightened specificity.

College Candidates also have access to specific In-Person Training weekends at no additional charge:

  • September 15-17
  • November 17-19
  • December 15-17
  • April 26-28 (Signing Day Weekend)

Sample In-Person Training Schedule


7:30pm - 9pm


Scheduled to allow dancers time to travel

and settle with a class before the grind begins.


11:00am - 4pm


Saturday has an intense 3 hour training session

followed by a choreography and performance

session designed to push stamina and reveal 



10am - 3pm


Sunday is all about artistry as dancers train for 

2 hours before performance study for the rest 

of the day.

Dance Parent Club Membership

Dance Parents get the ultimate support in the Dance Parent Club. As a College Candidate you receive exclusive access to Dance Parent Workshops where we provide parents live coaching with customized support, making the Dance Parent Club the ultimate resource for anyone raising a dancer.

Dance Parent Workshops are virtual workshops held 2x per month on Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:pm EST.


The following Add-Ons are available to College Candidates: 

  • Choreography
  • Private Lessons
  • Additional In-Person Training Weekends


TDA Prep supported me along parts of the college journey that I didn't even know I needed. My dancing improved, I wasn't stressed, and I got into the college that has made my dreams a reality. Their guidance and mentorship has changed my life!

Carley Brooks Fordham University Class of 2025


The College Candidate Program was exactly what I was hoping they would be for my daughter. They were with us every step of the way and met every difficulty with optimism. My daughter and I couldn't have done it without them!

Isabelle Burns Parent of Point Park University student Class of 2027

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit an audition video to apply?

Yes. To be considered for the College Candidate Program applicants must attach a link to a 1-3 minute solo or improv sample when submitting their online application.

Dancers who were members of TDA Prep's Training Club (2022-2023) or have participated in a TDA Prep Evaluation this year do not need to submit an audition video with their College Candidate application.

when will i receive my application decision?

All applicants will be made aware of their application decision within 1 week of submitting their College Candidate application.

Are scholarships available for the college candidate program?

Yes, scholarships are available should you be accepted into the College Candidate Program. Scholarship information will be given upon acceptance. 

 what if i can't attend a college prep class?

Every College Prep class is recorded and uploaded to our College Candidate student portal, where students can access every College Prep class for the year should students be unable to attend the class live. 

Are college prep classes in-person or virtual?

College Prep classes are held virtually via Zoom. 

when is college signing day?

College Signing Day for the Class of 2024 will be held on Friday, April 26th, 2024 at our training facility, The Shed. 

are virtual curriculum classes mandatory?

Virtual Curriculum classes are not mandatory, but we encourage every College Candidate to attend as many classes as possible. Every Virtual Curriculum class is recorded and made available to College Candidates through their online student portal should they be unable to attend the class live.

What if I can't attend In-Person Training?

We make In-Person Training available to our College Candidates to encourage the audition prep that can only occur in the studio, however it is not required for a successful Senior Year. The following In-Person Training weekends are available for College Candidates to attend at no additional charge:

  • September 15-17
  • November 17-19
  • December 15-17
  • April 26-28 (College Signing Day Weekend)

All other In-Person Training weekends (including holiday weekends) are Add-Ons and cost $500/weekend.

Sample In-Person Training Weekend Schedule

7:30pm - 9pm
Scheduled to allow dancers time to travel and settle with a class before the grind begins.


11am - 4pm


Saturday has an intense 3 hour training session followed by a choreography and performance session designed to push stamina and reveal habits.


10am - 3pm


Sunday is all about artistry as dancers train for 2 hours before performance study for the rest of the day.


Yes. Whether for college auditions, conventions, or performances, solo choreography is available for any members of the College Candidate Program. Our Solo Choreography package includes 4 hours of private lesson time (in-person or virtual) to learn and clean the solo. 

If you are interested in having a solo choreographed, please contact our School Administrator Heath at for pricing information. 

Where is TDA Prep's Training Facility Located?

Our training facility, The Shed, is located in the West Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Driving distance from both O'Hare and Midway Airports. The Shed is comfortably situated in a large hotel and corporate housing market making trips to The Shed easy and convenient. 

The Shed

458 Randy Rd.

Carol Stream, IL 60188