Class of 2025: The 4 Seasons of Applying to College for Dance

March 8, 2024 by Preston Miller

Every year we welcome in a new class of rising high school seniors to help them navigate a customized plan towards the college that best supports their unique goals and personality. There’s a LOT to do, and the school year brings ebbs and flows that are important to stay on top of as the seasons change. We created the 4 Seasons of Applying to College for Dance to help keep things clear and well anticipated as the months roll on! Check out the structure below, and learn how we set dancers up for success EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

During Planning Season, the goal is to get as organized as possible before the journey begins. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. With the stakes this high, we want to make sure that we have a clear and strong path towards get accepted to the school of your dreams in May!

During Application Season, the work really starts! This is the hardest most high school seniors have ever worked in their lives, as they learn to carry the workload that is waiting for them in college. Most dance colleges require two essays, one for the school and one for the dance department. With the normal dance and school workload ON TOP of Application Season, tackling this season will truly transform your dancer.

Audition Season is where the fun starts (and the nerves). No matter how good you look on paper, every door that will open for you from now on is going to be rooted in how you dance.  It’s time to put yourself on display and show them what you’re made of! Some will be traveling auditions, and some will be local to you. Now is the time to rely on the planning you've already done to keep things organized as you travel.

Acceptance Season is what every dancer is waiting for! It starts with negotiating scholarships, and working out every detail before you finally announce where you will be attending college in the upcoming year. 

There are a lot of ways to apply for college, but they’re all going to require some work and mental toughness. Whether you work with us, another program, or do it on your own, I hope that you find exactly what you need on your journey to greatness!

Good luck on your college admissions journey!

May the odds be ever in your favor 🙌🏽

About Preston Miller

Preston Miller is the founder of The Dance Artist Prep, which provides customized coaching to college dance applicants and their families. Preston’s philosophy is that every dancer applying to college deserves the best advice, and TDA Prep’s College Candidate Program aims to deliver just that!