Meet the team

Preston Miller, Founder/Artistic Director

Preston boasts a 25-year tenure as a coach, guiding dancers from elementary school beginners to accomplished Principal artists. When discussing his passion for teaching he once said, ‘You become an even better teacher when you strip away personal accolades and instruct a group of 5-year-olds to learn dance. That's when your grasp of dance and human connection truly shines.'

Preston's journey began as a student at a renowned arts high school before further honing his craft at one of the nation's top dance colleges. Surrounded by dance excellence from an early age, he channeled his experience into a career as a coach and choreographer for the professional sphere. It was during this phase that he recognized a stark contrast: while the professional dance industry profits from students, it often fails to adequately prepare them for careers. The standards of professionalism seldom align with the educational offerings available to aspiring dancers.

Motivated by this disparity, Preston established The Dance Artist Prep, a platform committed to democratizing high-level dance knowledge. Through TDA Prep, he endeavors to empower both dancers and parents , equipping them with tools necessary for success through their dance journey.

Jacqueline Green Miller, Director

Jackie started her dance journey at the Baltimore School for the Arts (performing arts high school) before joining Ailey 2 and graduating from the Ailey/Fordham University BFA Program. She joined the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and performed as a Principal Dancer for 11 years. She's a Guest Artist with the Royal Ballet, Princess Grace Award Winner, and model/actress appearing as a lead performer in Disney & Netflix films and in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, and countless others.

Her reputation in the dance industry is unparalleled, being known for her pursuit of artistic excellence through daily hard work. She brings the living example of greatness to the students that train at TDA Prep and the knowledge to support parents navigating unique situations.

Heath Gustafson, School Administrator

Heath started his athletic journey with football in Jackson Michigan, before attending/playing at the University of Chicago. Following his passion for law, Heath graduated law school, ultimately practicing at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office in Miami, FL. Heath left the legal practice to build TDA Prep, bringing his expertise in both athletic and business development. 

At TDA Prep, Heath serves as a vital resource for both parents and students, offering assistance in scheduling, structuring, and executing customized plans for students to achieve their goals.

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