at TDA Prep

Weekly Virtual Training, College Coaching, and Career Prep 

for dedicated artists and the parents that support them.

download the training club '22-'23 fall semester guide for scheduling, pricing, and program details.

dancers must complete an evaluation to be considered for training club.



Support for your journey

Apprentices have busy schedules with dance studios & school and want to work with TDA Prep to keep things headed towards their specific goals. The schedule may not allow us to work a lot but when we do work, it will be efficient!



customize your journey

Trainees look to TDA Prep to serve as a key foundation to their training. Parents receive access to the Dance Parent Club, so there are plenty of in-person and virtual opportunities for us to support the dream both on and off of the dance floor.

college candidate program

high scHool seniors

College Candidates are high school seniors that receive elite college preparation and support. Our hands-on guidance, college matching tools, and network help student-artists commit to the best school for them, based on their specific interests.



STArt your career

Graduates at TDA Prep are pursuing professional experience and receive coaching, training, and guidance towards beginning and continuing their careers in dance. Most Graduate Students are in college or recent college graduates.