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Coaching aspiring dancers and dedicated parents towards their path to success.

How we join your journey:


Evaluations are how you start your journey with TDA Prep. Evaluations are one-on-one and allow us to get to know dancers and their teams (parents), hear their goals, and understand where their training level is currently. From there, we make a customized plan to move towards their goals whether college, companies, or anything in between.

TRAINING Club at tda prep

Training Club is how dancers upgrade their training with TDA Prep through the school year. Through virtual classes, in-person training, and one-on-one mentorship, Training Club takes you from where you are to where you're capable of being.

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The College Candidate Program at TDA Prep provides the most hands-on and customized support available for the college application process for dance. From August to April we work directly with College Candidates to navigate the 4 Seasons of Applying to College for Dance. From the organization of Planning Season to the scholarship negotiations in Acceptance Season, we make sure that every element of applying to college for dance is handled by the best.

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The Dance Parent Club offers unparalleled resources for dance parents, providing expert coaching, engaging workshops, and a valuable network. With live webinars and The Dance Parent Workshop, parents receive real-time expert advice to support their journey. From managing class schedules to nurturing big picture goals, The Dance Parent Club equips parents with industry awareness and a comprehensive plan for raising a dancer with ambitious dreams.