In-Person training



One In-Person Training Weekend Pass: $500 

Sample In-Person Training Schedule 


7:30pm - 9pm


Scheduled to allow dancers time to travel and settle with a class before the grind begins.


11am - 4pm


Saturday has an intense 3 hour training session followed by a choreography and performance session designed to push stamina and reveal habits


10am - 3pm


Sunday is all about artistry as dancers train for 2 hours before performance study for the rest of the day.

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Where is TDA Prep's training facility located?

Our training facility The Shed, is located in the West Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Driving distance from both O'Hare and Midway Airports, The Shed is comfortably situated in a large hotel and corporate housing market making weekend trips for In-Person Training easy and convenient.

The Shed

458 Randy Rd.

Carol Stream, IL 60188


Is there a dress code for In-Person Training?

Yes. Leotard & Tights (long or short), ballet shoes, & socks (appropriate shorts are allowed). Warmups are allowed, but must removed shortly after class begins.

Is there a place at The Shed to store lunch/snacks?

Yes. The Shed has individual cubbies for dancers to store their personal belongs, as well as a refrigerator for dancers to store any perishable food items. We also have a microwave available for dancers to heat up snack/lunch items. 

The refrigerator must be clear of any items at the end of each day. Any items leftover in the refrigerator will be thrown away at the end of each day.  

Does TDA Prep provide housing?

No. We do not currently offer permanent or temporary housing. There are several local hotels in our area to help accommodate your visit. To view hotels in the area please click here.

While everything is within 5 - 15 minutes from The Shed, a rental car or carpool will be necessary for dance families.