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Understanding the Industry

What does it mean when your dancer says that they want to become a professional? How much do professional dancers even make? How do studios, competitions, and coaches all lead to the big goal?

Great Training for Dancers

Why do some dancers get better results from their training than others? The answer lies in how we teach dance and if you know, you can help your dancer transform  their day-to-day training.

College & Companies

What makes a great dance college and where are they? How do you give yourself the best shot at getting a company job? Having a clear idea of what drives the college/company process can help your dancer present their best selves at the next level.

My name is Preston Miller and I'm the host of the Dance Parent Workshop!

I'm the Director of TDA Prep, a training platform for dancers and parents across the country. I graduated from the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program in 2010 and started coaching and choreographing across the dance world. There would be days where I would coach Principal Ballerinas and other days where I prepared dancers for 6-wks on a movie set. When I started meeting dance parents I realized that dance education doesn't necessarily lead to the career that dancers and parents believe they are investing in.

That's when the Dance Parent Workshop was born!

Navigating studio drama? Been there. Trying to identify the best college for your dancer? Been there, too. From competitions & conventions to colleges & companies, the dance world has a lot to navigate. For a parent that has never lived it, that can be a tall order. The future of dance is in your hands (and homes) and The Dance Parent Workshop helps dozens of parents every month and now, it's here for you!

I'm glad that you're here.


Dance Parent WINS

Jill Walker

Parent of @thebrigidcoles

"This man knows dance! He's guided me and Bri through every major dance decision we've made, including leaving for Royal Ballet at 15. He gets it and he helps us get it."

Carolyn Eaton

Parent of @oliviaraquel_

"I went to my first Dance Parent Workshop in 2020 and after the first 30 minutes I had learned more about dance than I ever had. It changed my daughter's life."


The DPW is offered by TDA Prep, a training platform for dancers and their parents.