Customized coaching throughout Senior year!

In March, applications will be available for our College Candidate - Class of 2025, exclusively for dancers that are current high school juniors.


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"If it wasn’t for this program, I wouldn’t be at Juilliard. I felt like I wasn’t strong or prepared enough to apply, and they exposed, motivated, and supported me through every step of the way!"


"The TDA Prep family took the time to get to know our daughter, our family dynamic, and her dreams. It was this attention and care that saved us a lot of stress during senior year."


"They earned my entire family's trust and they didn't let us down. They took their time with every interaction, and we had every question answered throughout the entire year. Best investment ever."


College Candidate FAQs

What is College Candidate - Class of 2025?

A customized coaching program for dancers and their families hosted by The Dance Artist Prep, that includes:

+ Our college admissions timeline, keeping you on a schedule of knowing what to do and when to do it!

+ Weekly live college prep classes and one-on-one check-ins.

+ Expert support and guidance while you build your College List.

+ Organization, essay proofreading, and pre-screen coaching for applications.

+ Mock Auditions & Interviews before audition season begins.

+ Expert coaching while negotiating scholarships before acceptance.

+ Daily virtual and in-person training customized for audition preparation.

+ Invitation to participate in TDA Prep's College Signing Day.

+ A like-minded community of dancers, parents, and alum to rely on, share with, and pose questions to about the admissions process.

WHO IS College Candidate - Class of 2025 FOR?

College Candidate - Class of 2025 is only open to dancers graduating high school in 2025 who are looking for personalized guidance and training for applying to college for dance from dance admissions experts.

HOW MUCH DOES College Candidate - Class of 2025 COST?

The full year total cost for the College Candidate Program is $7,550. This is paid monthly from August to May. By joining the waitlist, you'll receive 20% off your first month's payment! Scholarships are available.


Yes! Our team takes the time to get to learn about your dancer, their goals, and your family before providing college advice. This allows us to personally answers questions — broad or specific, big or small. Members also have the exclusive access to one-on-one check-ins, weekly group sessions, and in-person training to make sure College Candidates are presenting at their very best. 

WHat are the 4 seasons of applying to college for dance and do you help us with everything?

The College Candidate - Class of 2025 will get full support throughout their senior year. With this program, College Candidates have a custom coach throughout the 4 Seasons of Applying to College for Dance:

+ Planning Season is when you create the best college list for your dreams. We'll start with your goals and find the best programs in the best environments for you.

+ Application Season is when you complete the essays, applications, and pre-screens for the schools on your list. We'll assist with our essay proofreading and pre-screen support. 

+ Audition Season is when all of the hard work gets put on display at the auditions you've been invited to. We'll help you prepare with our mock audition and interview process.

+ Acceptance Season is when you select the best college and financial package for you. We'll help you negotiate every scholarship before you make your final decision.

During College Signing Day your dancer will announce their final choice as their peers and teachers celebrate their decision and help set up a great start to the next chapter of their journey.

Discover why TDA Prep is the place for College for Dance!

+ Live coaching from dance admissions directors.

+ Training and audition prep with renowned coaches and dancers in the industry.

+ Helped hundreds of dancers discover their dream school.

+ Created The College Review, featuring the most competitive dance colleges in the country

The College Candidate Program at TDA Prep, led by college alum turned professional dancers, choreographers, and directors, offers personalized advice to dance college applicants and their families. It has helped secure over $1 million in scholarships and has guided hundreds of applicants under the philosophy that the best college is the one that aligns with your dreams.

The College Candidate Program trains both dancers AND parents on how to understand the college application process for dance from the inside out. When it comes to college admissions advice and individualized attention, our team is unparalleled in their field. This is why we are known as the College Counselor for Dancers.