Class of 2025:

Commercial & Concert Dance

March 6, 2024 by Preston Miller

Nowadays most dancers entering the professional field have a hard time saying what type of dancer they are. Gone are the days of saying “ballet” or “jazz”. It’s more common than ever before to hear a principal ballerina say that she’s a hybrid. In this vein, most of the professionals and students that I’ve worked with have said they hate the idea of ‘limiting’ themselves.

For dancers looking to train at the next level in college, this looks like choosing between a commercial and concert dance program. Quick reference for those starting at zero:

Concert dance is performed for a live audience most commonly in a theater (ballet companies, broadway).

Commercial dance is performed for live audiences and more commonly camera recordings (music videos, tv, movies).

Depending on the type of jobs you want to work over the course of your career, you’ll choose the program style that fits best.

Let this guide you:

When it comes to professional dance it’s important to remember that no matter what style you learn, you’re a student dancer looking to go to the next level. You should be looking for the college program & experience that can best get you to the highest standard of work ethic and creativity that you’re capable of. The truth is that there are commercial dancers that graduate and quickly work in the concert dance space, and visa versa. The trait that’s more necessary than the styles, is hard work

Good luck on your college admissions journey!

May the odds be ever in your favor 🙌🏽

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