We admit families.

One concept guides the Admissions process at TDA Prep: “We admit families, not only dancers.” Why? Dancers are constantly putting themselves on display under a scrutinizing microscope, so their personal village and boundaries are fundamental in building a high quality of life. The influence of parents, siblings, and teachers all plays a role in how they see the world as a powerful artist, so we're here to make sure that everyone is informed along the journey. 

For us, that begins during the admissions process.

Fill out our Admissions Form and a member of our admissions team will be in touch to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Our evaluations are personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions and introductory calls that allow us to customize your support. These sessions are designed to last 2 hours, during which our goal is to ensure that every family leaves better off than when they arrived. Regardless of a dancer's objective, a private evaluation provides the dancer with the guidance to move confidently in the direction of their dreams, making their next steps their best steps. 

Training Club stands as our premier platform, offering unparalleled virtual and in-person options that set the industry standard. Our meticulously crafted training curriculum delivers college-level instruction, seamlessly accommodating dances' schedules. Through our mentorship and coaching platforms, we make exclusive insights accessible to both dancers and parents alike.

Training Club has engagement for pre-collegiate, collegiate, and professional dancers. Some use the platform daily while others are specific with their engagement. Everyone gets the same access.

The College Candidate Program seamlessly integrates parental responsibilities, dancers aspirations, and industry expertise, navigating you through the four seasons of the college application journey for dance. Our support is comprehensive, ensuring your dancer receives guidance at every stage of the process. 

College Candidates benefit from Training Club Membership, helping them refine their technique ahead of auditions. Our weekly College Prep Classes and dedicated counselors leave no aspect untouched, from application submissions to scholarship negotiations!

Fill out our Admissions Form and a member of our admissions team will be in touch to help you find the best the fit for your needs.

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